The Follow Up: Steph Curry on All the Crazy Stuff That’s Happened Since His GQ Cover

Everybody likes to visit the Garden. It has a different feel, from the design of the building, the lighting scheme, the fact that downtown Manhattan has so much chaos going on, and you get to the arena, and it has a kind of mystique. And then the fan base, they’re passionate, alive, and energetic. It doesn’t matter if it’s the home team or not, they appreciate good basketball and historic moments. And you know, everything is a little louder when it’s in New York.

Klay is back and looking immensely mobile. Maybe has more bounce now than he did before. When players have these big injuries, and take some time to get back to themselves, I think their games can be reformatted. Is there a difference we should expect from Klay? Are there ways you’ve noticed his game has changed?

I think the cool part is what hasn’t changed. He can still shoot the ball, we all know that. His touch is still there. The fact that he played 19 minutes in his first game back and got 18 shots—I don’t think people realize how hard that is to do. The [other] team knows you’re back, and they’re trying to take you out. You’re trying to find a rhythm. The fact that he could even get up 18 shots speaks to his ability to see the hoop from no matter where he is on the floor.

I think the maturity that’s come from what he’s been through over the last two years, all the work that he’s had to put in on his rehab, being away from the game, I think it’s given him a new energy and spirit. Like you said, he’s even bouncier than he was before. The confidence is still there. I’m excited that he has the opportunity to not just play and get back to who he is, but that our team is in a position where he plays in the games that matter. That’s what brings out the best in his spirit. These last years, it might’ve been a little different. I think the context of the season that we’re in right now—it’ll bring out the best in him.

With All-Star Weekend coming up, are you going to be in the three-point contest again? Or are you sitting it out?

I’m trying to figure that out, to be honest. I don’t have an answer. I usually figure it out on the deadline that they want to announce. I won it last year, and my pops always told me, “You’re only as good as your last game, your last competition.” And so I want to go out on a high note. But compared to the DNA that I have, it’s really making me anxious a little bit, in terms of I’m going to be there in Cleveland to try to get another trophy. So I honestly don’t know.

Is there any player who might announce at the end that you would get excited about going up against, that would tilt you in a better direction?

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