The Real-Life Diet of Jacob Sartorius, Who Has Gotten Deep Into Breathwork

Do you have a favorite protein shake recipe, or do you go out and buy it somewhere?

It’s basically some whey protein, strawberries, bananas, and some multivitamins. I make it at home with a Bullet blender. Also, sometimes we’ll go to Robeks, and they’ve got this thing called the Muscle Max, and that pretty much has most of those ingredients as well. So the smoothie has enough calories for almost half of the day. 

I used to forget to eat and I would be so low energy. I would get to 4 p.m. without eating anything and I might not even realize it. I’m so busy working. I’m on tour or doing things, and I just get so sidetracked—I’m so worried and in my head that I forget to do something as basic as eating. So it’s important for me to try to make sure I have something towards the beginning of the day.

Do you have a favorite protein brand, or do you just get whatever?

It really is whatever, honestly, but I do prefer whey protein. And with the cold shower and the breathing and the protein shakes and working out regularly, I don’t need to take the creatine or anything like that.

What’s your take on coffee or tea? Do you drink either?

About six to eight months ago I was a huge coffee fan, like shots of espresso all day, going crazy with coffee, but I noticed that I got pretty jittery. I think subconsciously it did increase my anxiety in life, but it did, you know, keep me awake. I think it’s more of a personal preference, whatever floats your boat, but it’s been five months since I’ve had any.

What do the rest of your meals look like?

It really is flexible. Sometimes it will only be one more meal after that big protein shake, which is about 1200 calories. And then after that, it normally is one more meal—sometimes two. It could be anything from pizza to chicken. But I also just like soup.

How did you find Wim Hof breathing?

I remember one of my therapists saying, “yo, Jacob, I really think you would benefit from trying this with breathing,” and he sent me a link to a guided Wim Hof breathing session on YouTube.

And I was so lost and hurt and confused and anxious emotionally that I was willing to try. Basically, anything to find some peace, I was like, sure, if you want me to take some deep breaths. I can do that. In a matter of about two days I was already feeling the effects, and I really did start doing it every day. I set aside time every morning, about 30 minutes, to really just break through my conditioning and get my body alkaline.

OK, now I know you’re a fan of visualizing meditations. I want you to imagine you’re on a desert island. If you had to choose three snacks from anywhere in the world to have with you, what would they be?

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