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A seminar “Pakistan Leadership Summit – Together for Pakistan” was organised at Islamia University Bahawalpur to pay homage to the defenders of Pakistan and unveil the untold stories of the 1971 war.

Guest speaker, son of late General (retd) Hamid Gul Muhammad Abdullah Hamid Gul, narrated Indian involvement in the separation of East Pakistan along with Shahid Ali Khan, a retired soldier who fought in East Pakistan (Chittagong) in the 1971 war.

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The guest speaker addressed the audience including a large number of students and faculty members. The focus of the seminar was to dispel the misinterpretations regarding the 1971 tragedy and pay a tribute to Army Public School martyrs as well.

Earlier, Rizwan Majeed organised and gave an introductory talk.

Meanwhile, the Lasbella University of Agriculture and Marine Sciences also organised a similar seminar during which faculty members including pro-Vice-Chancellor Jalal Faiz expressed their sentiments.

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A panel of teachers answered the questions of the students. The panel members were of the opinion that Pakistani youth are the future and campaigners for the nation.

They said that educational institutions and society have a huge role to play in making the youth talented so they can excel in all walks of life.

The panel further said that the youth, realising their responsibilities, should be at the forefront for the betterment of the country and the society, adding that they should contribute to the development of the country by showcasing their talent.

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