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Two women were raped while a 14-year-old boy foiled the attempt by crying for help in the city on Friday.

Police registered separate cases against the suspect and started searching for them.

Police said a woman was lured and raped by suspect Tanveer and his two other suspects while another woman was forcibly subjected to sexual assault by the suspect Ashraf at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, a minor foiled the rape attempt in the city.

Reportedly, a suspect Sajid took a 14-year-old boy with him under the pretext of carrying shuttering equipment and tried to molest him, which he foiled by crying for help.

The province has witnessed several cases in which women and children are subjected to sexual assault and domestic violence.

In December last year, a woman was allegedly sexually assaulted on the pretext of getting her medicine from a medical store.

The complainant told police that she went to the Allied Hospital to buy medicine with her 22-year-old daughter.

She told police that Nabil Ahmed came to her and said he will bring her medicine from a medical store. She sent her young daughter with the suspect who took her to a secluded place and allegedly raped her.

The complainant further said the suspect left her at the main gate of Allied Hospital three hours later and fled.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 8th, 2022.

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