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Upset with her boss, a woman in Thailand allegedly “blew up” the oil warehouse where she worked at.

38-year-old Ann Sriya has been accused of using a lighter to set fire to a piece of paper before throwing it onto a fuel container at the Prapakorn Oil warehouse in Thailand, The Independent reported.

The report stated that the fire caused more than 40 million Thai baht (nearly US$1.2 million) worth of damage which quickly spread through the building, used to store thousands of litres of oil.

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More than 40 fire engines worked to extinguish the blaze, while video footage showed firefighters spraying water from high-pressure hoses onto the blackened structure.

As well as getting the blaze under control, firefighters had to stop the burning oil from spilling into a canal and reaching a residential area nearby.

CCTV footage showed Sriya, who worked as head of the warehouse, walking into the warehouse clutching what appeared to be a piece of paper before walking behind a row of containers.

According to local police, Sriya claimed she was driven in her actions by the stress her employer Pipat Ungprapakorn had caused her.

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“This is the second time a fire has started from this factory. The woman has been working for Prapakorn Oil for nine years,” a police official was quoted as saying by Mail Online.

“She said her employer complained to her and caused her stress every day, and she did not expect the fire she started to cause this level of damage.”

Ann was remanded in custody while police interviewed the factory owner.

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