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Despite five days of consecutive rain, the water supply from Khanpur Dam to twin cities has been slashed after the water level of the reservoir rose to only four feet.

Daily water supply to the federal capital, Rawalpindi city and Cantonment has been reduced by 8 million gallons per day. After the rain, the water level in Khanpur Dam increased from 1,929 feet to 1,933 feet. The dam has a water level capacity of 1,982 feet.

The agencies concerned have issued an advisory to the citizens to use water carefully and judiciously.

The water level in Khanpur Dam, the most important reservoir, had been declining rapidly due to less rainfall in the monsoon last year. The level of water in the dam has steadily been declining due to the non-implementation of the water storage system by the agencies concerned.

After the water level in the dam rose only to 4 feet, the agencies concerned immediately reduced the water supply to deal with the impending water crisis in the twin cities. The water supply has been reduced by 3 million gallons per day for Rawalpindi Cantonment, 2 million gallons each for Rawalpindi city and the federal capital.


Published in The Express Tribune, January 10, 2022.

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