We Are Once Again Asking You to Wear Jorts

Welcome to SHORT WEEK SHORTS WEEK, GQ Recommends’ appropriately abridged ode to the summeriest and calf-baringest of bottoms. Whether you’re a big-and-baggy boy, an above-the-knee fella, or somewhere in between, we’ve got all the thoughts, takes, and, yes, recommendations to make this your greatest, leggiest, most stylish shorts season yet.

Don’t be alarmed, but jorts are back. For some of you, that might be triggering information, so before you close this tab to rage-vent in our various comment sections, hear us out. First of all, jorts never really went away. We’re not saying they were always cool, but mall brands and Kevin Smith kept the jorts train chugging along well past the style’s early-aughts zenith. Jump cut to 2022 and Y2k fashion is all the rage again, jorts included (not to mention their fellow era-specific eyesore, Crocs). Niche Japanese brands like Kapital and Neighborhood have been selling jorts unironically for years; now, mainstream luxury players like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton are hopping on board too. Today, bona fide fashion gods like A$AP Rocky, Justin Bieber, and Tyler, the Creator are hip to the trend, following in the footsteps of envelope-pushing jorts pioneers like Adam Sandler and John Cena.

Jorts might slot in seamlessly with the bubbly, slime-soaked stylings of the 2000s, but they also speak to a wholly different demographic: dads. It’s probably not news to you that the once-banal wardrobe hallmarks of unfashionable patriarchs are suddenly en vogue. Their comfy New Balance sneakers have never been hotter, their course-ready polos have never looked cooler, and it was only a matter of time before their beloved denim shorts joined them in the limelight.

Admittedly, we’ve been riding high on the jorts wave for a while, but if their resurgence is still throwing you for a loop there’s plenty of ways to pull ‘em off without looking like you’re about to mount a fixed-gear bike. The key, of course, comes down to fit. A proper pair of jorts should be big, baggy, and—take a deep breath—long. Like, below-the-knee long. With an equally roomy tee and some Doc Martens, the right pair can pack all the bravado of a mosh pit-prone hardcore fan. In a deep, dark rinse, and with a billowy button-up and loafers, jorts can be surprisingly elegant too. (If you’ve got a baggy pair of jeans that’s a little too thrashed to wear outside the house, you can even DIY your way to a wholly unique pair, frayed edges and all.) Point is, there are just about a million ways to celebrate their glorious return, so we pulled together a few of our favorites to help you enjoy the ride.

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