Weekly poll results: Honor 60 Pro gets some love, the Honor 60 lives in its shadow

The Honor 60 series started shipping this Friday, but only in China. This raised a question – when will the new models be available in the rest of the world? For the Honor 50 series it took several months for that to happen.

Which in turn brought another question – wasn’t the whole point of making Honor independent of Huawei so that it can better serve the rest of the world? It sounded that way, but Honor still seems to be a China-first company.

Despite regaining access to Google Mobile Services – the Play Store, Maps and so on – months ago many in the comments still weren’t convinced that new Honor phones for the global market do indeed come with GMS. Honor should probably put it in big, bold letters when launching the new phones abroad to remove any doubts.

This leads us to the phones themselves, starting with the Honor 60 Pro. It was the clear favorite between the two models, in no small part because it offered bigger upgrades compared to its 50-series counterpart – an overclocked chipset, a 50 MP ultra wide camera and stereo speakers.

Weekly poll results: Honor 60 Pro gets some love, the Honor 60 lives in its shadow

No one had anything to say about the downgrade from 100W to 66W fast charging. Have phones gotten to the point where charging is fast enough and shaving a few minutes off the charging time isn’t exciting? Perhaps.

Weekly poll results: Honor 60 Pro gets some love, the Honor 60 lives in its shadow

Commenters seemed more concerned with the boring stuff – a microSD slot and 3.5 mm headphone jack, things that used to be common, but have now become rare. Also, why don’t these high-end mid-rangers have any water resistance? IP ratings also stopped being exciting a while back, but their absence is keenly felt.

The vanilla Honor 60 got a lukewarm reception, but more importantly it stayed ahead of the option of picking up the older Honor 50 phone, which is starting to enjoy some discounts now that it has been around for a while.

Displays: 6.78
Displays: 6.67

Displays: 6.78″ quad curved for the Honor 60 Pro • 6.67″ dual-curved for the Honor 60

Finally, voting suggests that quite a few people didn’t find an Honor model at the right price point for them. Part of that is perhaps the absence of an Honor 60 SE model, a cheaper alternative to the vanilla phone. But also the Honor Magic3 is still missing from some regions, so there is no flagship alternative.

This circles back to what we were saying in the beginning – Honor needs to put in more effort into global releases for its phones. We don’t even know when the Honor 60 series will be available abroad.

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