West Zone captain Rahane asks team-mate Jaiswal to leave the field for disciplinary reasons

Jaiswal smashed a double-century in the second innings to set up a big win for West Zone. However, on the field, he found himself at the centre of controversy. He was asked by his captain Rahane to leave the field for going overboard with sledging against South Zone batter Ravi Teja.

Teja had apparently complained about the verbal volleys that Jaiswal was consistently firing at him as he was fielding close to the batter.

After being spoken to earlier, Jaiswal came under fire again in the 57th over when the on-field umpire complained about the young batter’s alleged sledging. Jaiswal appeared to be animated when Rahane had a word with him and was eventually sent off, leaving West Zone with ten men on the field.

Jaiswal returned to the field after being away for seven overs. He was later declared Player of the Match after West Zone won by 294 runs.

Asked about the incident involving Jaiswal, Rahane said after the match: “I believe in always respecting your opponents, umpires and match officials. So you have to handle certain incidents in a certain manner.”

West Zone were not allowed to use another fielder due to the MCC’s rules involving substitutes. As per law 24.1, the umpires shall allow a substitute fielder only “if they are satisfied that a fielder has been injured or become ill and that this occurred during the match,” or “for any other wholly acceptable reason”. In all other circumstances, a substitute is not allowed

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