Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 120G and Smart TV X Series are coming on August 30

Xiaomi today announced it will introduce the NoteBook Pro 120G laptop in India on August 30. The company hasn’t divulged any specs of the NoteBook Pro 120G, but the poster it shared on social media gives us a glimpse of the laptop.

Xiaomi launched the Mi Notebook Pro in India last year with the 11th Gen Intel CPU and 65W charging, so we expect the NoteBook Pro 120G to support at least 65W charging and have a 12th Gen Intel processor at the helm. However, it’s unclear if “120G” in the laptop’s name refers to a 120Hz screen refresh rate or something else.

The NoteBook Pro 120G will be joined by the Smart TV X Series having a 4K screen resolution, but the Chinese brand hasn’t revealed anything else about it yet. Note that Xiaomi currently has four Smart TV X series TVs in India, but those are a part of the Redmi lineup.

That said, with the launch still over a week away, you can expect Xiaomi to reveal more about these products in the coming days to build hype around them.

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